OOH Advertising That Adds Up

There are many dates we all have to keep in mind every year, but few of them cause as much stress as the deadline to file federal income tax returns. Although many citizens dislike the months leading up to the end of the tax year, this is the prime season for the tax preparation industry.

From January to April 15, there is a considerable increase in the demand of services to assist citizens with their yearly fiscal duties. This is a legal requirement for all American citizens and it can make many people feel uneasy, especially if they are inexperienced in the subject. Nobody wants to face the possibility of having to pay penalties for not filing their tax returns properly and on time, so many prefer to rely on the experience of professionals.

It is estimated that about 60% of US taxpayers hire someone to prepare their tax returns. This is a huge market and the beginning of each year gives companies of all sizes the chance to get new clients. Unlike other seasonal services, this one is directly linked to a legal requirement. This means that even during a recession, there will be a steady demand.

There are millions of tax returns to be filed and March and April are great months to advertise tax preparation services. OOH offers great possibilities for small and big organizations alike. Most tax returns are prepared by companies with less than 10 employees and investing in OOH can open the door to expanding their operation.

Advertising your services during this time of the year can serve as a reminder of our obligations as citizens while the audience becomes more aware of your brand. Typically, every dollar you spend on OOH advertising returns $2.80 in sales. There are plenty of options to deliver your message through OOH and make the most of your resources. Contact DDI Media to work on a plan that will allow you to attract more clients and boost your business.