Out of Home Advertising and Attracting Tourism

Tourism Attracts Spending of $2.6 Billion Dollars Every Day

The travel industry is a strong pillar in the US economy. International and local visitors spend an average of $2.6 billion a day across the country. Considering these numbers, it is impossible to ignore the effects that attracting tourists could have on your business. Out of Home (OOH) advertising is still one of the most powerful marketing tools and it could help you make a good first impression on out-of-towners.

Be Their Guide

People that are visiting your area for the first time appreciate clear directions on the road. This makes them be more aware of their surroundings whilst driving and it can give you an advantage. You can use your billboards to link your business to points of interest or to guide drivers to your business by informing them about which exit to take. It is an easy and effective way to create brand awareness. Help drivers and potential customers to Identify the most common entry ways as well as junctions and alternative routes. This will allow you to strategically target potential customers that are already driving towards you and your business.

Pique Their Curiosity

There are different types of travelers: those who love to plan carefully, those who like leaving everything to chance and everyone in between. All types of tourists are good for your business. OOH advertising is a great opportunity to influence visitors’ decisions during their trip. If your billboard catches their attention quickly, they are more likely to visit your location and even take a detour.

Be Welcoming

Everyone likes feeling welcome and you can exploit the potential of DDI’s strategic locations around the Midwest and St. Louis to greet visitors. A billboard can remind people of your business’ connection to the area. This can help you reinforce your image and make your brand more relevant to them.

Think of Their Needs

OOH advertising geared at tourists should focus on their needs whilst they are away from home. Those who are traveling for pleasure will require something different than those who are visiting for business. Make sure that they know that your business is ready to take care of them and offer them something unique during their trip.