How OOH Can Benefit Your Back to School Campaign

Back to School season is highly lucrative for electronics, clothing, and office supply retailers. Combined with the Summer weather, where Americans spend upwards of 70 percent of their time outdoors, OOH advertising offers the opportunity to redirect many potential shoppers to brick and mortar stores for their Back to School shopping.

As business owners know, Back to School is second only to the Holiday season for sales numbers. Total spending in 2015 was as much as $68 billion with families spending $600 to $1,000 per student, depending on age and school. It is not just students looking to shape up their stationary or fashion; teachers, on average, spend nearly $500 on their classrooms alone.

Creative designs can catch the attention of young and older people alike, and even more so if OOH advertising is placed en route to popular shopping destinations or in busy areas near your store. Even in July, it is not too late to start your advertising campaign and bring parents, students and teachers into a store for a great deal. The immediate availability of Digital Billboards allows you to update your special offers throughout the season with shorter notice than updates for traditional billboards.

OOH advertising can help increase the likelihood of those exposed to the adverts discussing your brand with friends and family. It also maximizes the chance of viewers looking up information about your store or prices online. You can effectively increase the number of visits to the store in order to find the products and deals advertised. OOH Is the best place to market your brand for Back to School season, but do not ignore mobile advertising.

With the strength of DDI Media’s mobile advertising platform, DDI Mobile, it is possible to retarget people that have been exposed to your billboard advertisement. Mobile adverts can be sent straight to their cell phone on pages or within apps. Retargeting allows your brand to be more relevant in the shoppers’ mind so that your business becomes synonymous with the products advertised.