DDI Media introduces Mobile Advertising Platform: DDI Mobile

At DDI Mobile, we are proud of the ongoing work that we do with billboards across the region and plan to continue collaborating with local businesses to see them grow and become familiar household names. To further expand our abilities to help our clients, we have built a system that will allow advertisements to be presented within mobile apps.

We have truly become the heads-down consumer, as the average U.S. adult is spending 5.5 hours a day using a form of digital media. Mobile use now makes up for 68% of total digital time and 59% of that mobile time is spent in-apps on smartphones and tablets.

Advertising with DDI Mobile can drive foot traffic into a store. Using a combination of behavioural and location-based information, DDI Mobile can reach consumers in ways traditional advertising can only dream of. By using location-based targeting, it is possible to reach consumers when they are close to a store or even when they are close to a competitor’s business. This helps create brand awareness regarding certain services or products and can help persuade potential customers to visit a store. This can be extended to targeting users already in a particular store to promote products, deals or loyalty programs.

It is possible to target users depending on their profiles, including the previous locations that they have visited, their purchase history in certain stores as well as their general demographics. We can also use advertisement retargeting, which enables ads to be sent to users that have previously seen them in order to strengthen brand awareness. At DDI Mobile, we can also track whether a user reacted to a campaign by heading to a brick and mortar store.

This is just a basic outline of how mobile advertising from DDI Mobile can help potential clients find the answers to their problems at your store. For further information, please contact our Mobile Advertising Specialist today!