Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

Information is a gold mine and having access to the right type can change the future for your business. All marketing strategies have the same goal: to make customers choose your services or products over the competition. Mobile technology has opened many doors and it now allows you to target your audience. The public is constantly bombarded with advertisements, but they will pay attention if what you offer is relevant to their circumstances. But how can you know this?

Combine location data with demographic data to precisely target the consumers you want to communicate with the most and who are most likely to respond to your message.

Thanks to the availability of this data, you have the chance to deliver personalized messages based on location in a timely matter. If a potential customer is near your store, you can send them an offer that will persuade them to walk into your shop. This strategy has been successful amongst retailers because consumers are ready to make a purchase and the personalized advertisements can sway their decision. Customers value access to deals that can save them money right there and then, so it really is a win-win situation. This type of technology also gives you the chance to drive customers in-store from any distance or target them when they are at your competitor’s location.

Consumers see many advertisements each day and a high percentage of those will be ignored. This is because people are receiving information about products or services that do not matter to them. If you use the data available to target your audience, the likelihood of your ad being ignored drops dramatically.

Reporting the results of your campaign is vital to optimize your reach and attract more potential customers. DDI’s Real-Time Verified Walk-In technology is an amazing tool that will improve the performance of your campaign and increase ROI. This platform identifies, in real-time, customers who have walked into a physical location after seeing an ad that was delivered to their smartphone Thanks to this data, you will be able to adjust your strategy to deliver even better results. The future is here, be part of it.