Attract Mobile Users This Holiday Season

Your customers are out and about this time of year, so get in front of them while they’re away from home and on their phone. Reach the busy shopper with a combination of out-of-home and mobile advertising. Consumer attention may be shifting from some traditional advertising platforms like television and radio, but outdoor is still going strong and mobile as an advertising medium is on a meteoric rise.

According to Adobe Analytics’ predictions, 2017 will be the first holiday season that more retail websites are visited using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, than a desktop. So, if your goal is to drive traffic to your website this year, your best bet is to advertise on the medium that those visits will occur on: a mobile device. And, with DDI Mobile’s ability to target only the right audience, you can hand-pick exactly who will see your message. This maximizes ad dollars spent and makes you an efficient marketer.

Send coupons or special holiday discounts directly to your customers by advertising on mobile. Many marketers want to capitalize on the increased holiday spending. Let our in-house creative team draft a digital ad at no cost that promotes your sale or discount. Then, we can place that ad, by imbedding it in over 200,000 apps and mobile websites, in front of the audience segments that make the most sense for your business.

The most important element when advertising holiday sales is timing. Flexibility and precision is what you pay for when marketing on mobile. We can run campaigns quickly, efficiently and on budget.

Whatever your marketing strategy is this season, DDI has you covered. Whether you are looking to spread brand awareness with a one-to-many billboard approach, or get more targeted with a one-to-one mobile advertisement, our team is ready to work for you.

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