Help Clients Create a New Years Resolution

The new year brings new life. Customers are making changes and improvements to their lives and your organization should be there to capitalize.

Individuals making resolutions already have their own internal spring of enthusiasm, by aligning your product with a person’s impulse to grow and improve in the new year, your brand can take part in that personal change.

Promote products or services that can be sold as a mental, social, or physical wellness improvement. Data shows that 44% of New Year’s resolutions are self-improvement or education based. If you do marketing for a college, target non-traditional students by framing enrollment in terms of personal development.

Some categories of business don’t fit as obviously into this theme, but if you think in terms of helping your customers reach a goal, most products and services can be presented as self-improvement. It’s only a matter of messaging. If you own an HVAC company, promote your duct cleaning services by telling customers to “Breathe Easy in the New Year.” If you are marketing for a hardware store, encourage customers to conquer that big home improvement project. Contact us and discuss how our free creative department can craft a message for your business during this unique time of year.

This is a perfect time to promote new products and services. Adopt a “New Year New Gear” marketing campaign. Be body-positive. If you are a clothing retailer, launch a campaign highlighting your sportswear and workout accessories. If you sell mattresses, tap into your customer’s attitude of improvement and propose better sleep in 2018.

Be sure your holiday leftovers aren’t spoiling. Don’t leave holiday advertisements running long after the New Year is wrapped up. Schedule appropriate flight dates so customers aren’t seeing leftover Black Friday ads into February and March on their mobile devices or up on billboards. At DDI we pride ourselves in keeping messages fresh, timely and top-of-mind no matter the medium.

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