Ahhh, January. A Fresh Start.

The new year is a perfect time for your organization to re-evaluate and start anew. Take stock in your marketing plan and decide if your advertising vendors are helping your business improve. Maybe it’s time to start a new advertising strategy. Are you embracing the newest technological capabilities or are you going to be left behind in 2018?

A new year could mean new employees. If your business hires seasonal work or if the nature of your industry requires constant recruiting, mobile marketing is the ideal tool to help you target future employees. Our team can define audience segments and find locations to geofence in order to target groups that meet your requirements. This type of precision marketing filters out devices that would not likely act on your message.

Target audiences that meet a certain level of education, household income, family status or are currently in a relevant profession. Combine this with our ability to capture devices in a desired location, and you can hone in on those promising recruits. For example, a carwash recruiting summer workers might want to geofence local colleges and capture the devices of students looking for work. In this case you have to be time sensitive and get your campaign running a few months before the busy season, and when those students are making summer plans.

This type of hiring strategy runs a double benefit of employee recruitment and brand exposure. Even if your main goal is getting your hiring message in front of the right recruits, running ads on this format allows you to place the hiring notice within the context of a branded image. If the candidate chooses not to act on the hiring prompt, they are still seeing your logo, and gaining a positive impression of your brand. This is a benefit you will not gain by using other hiring tools online or in print.

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