DDI Media Has Partnered With Blip For a New Way to Advertise

Thanks to a new and innovative web platform, no budget is too small to get your message on a billboard. Really. DDI has partnered with Blip, a self-serve inventory purchasing platform that allows advertisers to directly buy digital billboard space one ten-second placement, or “blip,” at a time.

With Blip, you set a daily budget, and never exceed it. Spend $5 a day, or $500. You chose when and where your ad appears. With an intelligent strategy, you can run a highly effective out-of-home advertisement campaign by spending your money on the right boards at the right time.

Almost all of DDI’s digital inventory is integrated with Blip’s platform, and the ones that aren’t are coming soon. This partnership will not affect DDI’s relationships with current traditional advertisers. They will still receive placement per their contracts. The blip ads will simply fill previously empty digital inventory.

“The Blip platform provides a vehicle for small businesses to have access to digital billboards regardless of their budget,” says DDI’s President Vince Miller. “While working directly with a DDI Media Account Executive remains the only way to obtain a guaranteed 24/7 presence on our digital network, Blip makes our unsold digital space available through its self-serve marketplace with no contractual obligation for the advertiser,” he says.

Pricing is determined by demand in the marketplace, so the cost per blip fluctuates. You can choose to advertise during peak times, off-peak times or a mix of the two. To further customize your buy, advertisers are allowed to set a maximum spend per blip. That way, if you are working with a smaller budget, you won’t get caught spending a disproportionate amount of it on only a few ad placements.

At DDI we often get calls from small-business owners in St. Louis looking to advertise, but we aren’t able to meet their needs because they can’t commit to long-term contracts. Thanks to Blip, small fish can now swim in the big pond.

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