Read About Our Work With a Local Car Dealership

Our billboard and mobile teams often work in conjunction to make sure advertisers are getting what they need out of DDI. Our two services, billboards and mobile display ads, each have their advantages. Some advertisers with certain goals and budgets are perfect candidates for a mobile campaign, while other clients with different objectives utilize billboards to get in front of customers. There is a growing third category, though: advertisers who want the benefits of both mobile and out-of-home. This month we wanted to highlight a client that has chosen to advertise with us on both the billboard and mobile side because each medium answered a marketing question they needed solved.

A large St. Louis-based automotive family of dealerships came to us with two marketing challenges. They wanted to geofence an event and target the attendees with messaging, and they wanted to spread awareness of a few dealership locations in the area. The group is a mainstay in the local automotive world. They have been around since the 1960s, and it’s no question that they have terrific local brand recognition. While the brand’s footprint may be well impressed on the St. Louis market, the competition never rests, so the team decided to adopt a strategy that combined both mobile, the fastest growing medium in advertising, and billboard, the tried-and-true giant.

The team at the dealership group capitalized on mobile’s ability to target prospective customers through geofencing select automotive-related events, then sending that audience a display ad featuring a call to action. This drove prospects, who we knew were motivated buyers based on their real-world location, to action online and eventually to real purchases.

In addition, the dealership group ran an out-of-home program that strategically selected boards in the right parts of St. Louis that showcased their nearby car lots. The combination of these tactics threw a wide net (billboards) and precise shots (mobile display) across the DMA in order to spread the word and move product. If you think an approach like this could help your business, call our offices and we will work with you to find a strategy that best fits your needs.

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