A New Way To Advertise in Alton

Alton’s first digital billboard is now shining high definition advertisements over the heart of the Alton retail district on Homer Adams Parkway. The board was erected by DDI Media, the St. Louis-based billboard vendor and faces east towards westbound traffic. This is the latest in DDI’s digital fleet and is their twenty-second digital billboard altogether.

The high definition digital sign sits atop a pre-existing structure that had to be strengthened due to the added weight of the new board. The structure has held a traditional vinyl sign since 2003.

Digital billboards are the latest technology in billboard advertising. According to Joanne Schroeder, a real estate representative at DDI, the company started erecting digital billboards in 2008.

Unlike traditional vinyl billboards, digital boards are capable of running multiple advertisements at a time for up to seven advertisers total. Over the course of twenty-four hours, the board will show an advertiser’s 10-second ad 1,200 times.

Matt Gamache, the sales manager at DDI, explains that the prime advantage to digital billboards are their versatility. Since artwork can be changed with the flip of a switch, advertisers are able to adjust their message on the fly in order to stay current with weekly specials, product updates, temporary sales, and other limited time offers.

“You can quickly change the messaging as the needs of local business change,” he says.

Business owners and marketers interested in advertising in the Alton area, can contact DDI Media at 314.423.5040 or visit their website ddimedia.net for more information regarding availability and pricing for both short and long-term campaign options.

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