Billboards and Mobile Impressions Working Together

Raising the awareness of your brand and keeping your product or service top-of-mind is easy if you operate in multiple mediums. This is not just about spreading your ad dollars out across different channels and hoping something sticks. As a marketer, you need to be strategic about who you’re targeting, and if you commit to doing this, you can optimize your return on investment. Here is an example:

A local lawn care company wants to get its name out there, raise awareness, get more accounts, make more money and grow as a business. The head of marketing knows that there is an area of St. Louis County in which there are sprawling new neighborhoods with tons of homes that sit on large, multi-acre lots. She wants to advertise to this community, so she calls DDI Media and purchases a billboard along a main artery in the area. In addition to the billboard, she orders a million mobile impressions targeted to homeowners in the neighborhoods of interest. This way, she can refine that billboard audience and find the decision-makers in those homes. The combination of the billboard and mobile ads has a compounding effect on the people in the area. The large billboard ad gives the business a reputation and credibility, while the mobile ads keep the brand on the minds of the homeowners while they are at home, at work or out on the weekend.

These two mediums re-enforce one another to get the brand bouncing around in the minds of its target audience in completely different contexts, and at various moments in their day-to-day life.

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