Device ID Targeting

This month we’d like to focus on how DDI Mobile’s brand of device ID targeting can be applied to three different verticals.

Education: We’ve run a lot of ads for colleges and private high schools over the last few years. Below are some tactics we’ve used to find and recruit potential students.

  • “Finish Your Application” Campaign – If your admissions department has a list of prospective students who haven’t quite finished their application, but have provided an address, we can geofence their house and encourage them to complete the process.
  • Onboard Mailing List – Our platform has the ability to target ads directly to households, all we need is an address. We can even tailor one ad to the student and a different ad to other members of the household.
  • Target Students with Certain Talents – If you’re looking for STEM students we can geofence conferences and events where those students would have visited. If you’re looking for cheerleaders, we can target high school cheer competitions. We can find just about any student with any interest.

Political: We have worked with political campaigns across the country to target voter segments with specialized messaging. Our campaigns only send ads to registered voters that fit the target audience. In most cases, we can report on key performance indicators broken out by zip code. This means if a message is seeing a higher rate of response in a certain area of the voting district, you can coordinate other parts of your outreach strategy around the hot and cold areas.

Employee Recruitment: When it comes to finding the right employee for your business, your prospect’s proximity, educational background, current household income, interests, age, familial status, and employment status may all come into play. Our platform can filter any of these characteristics and send meaningful advertisements to the perfect employee on their smartphone or tablet.