Hiring for the Holidays

Are you hiring for the holidays? According to a recent article on CBS News, there will be over 700,000 seasonal employees hired across the United States this December. Since billboards are the most cost-effective way to reach a mass audience, why not utilize them to find help this holiday season? Every year our billboards are used by businesses and nonprofits to recruit employees for the holidays.

Catch your prospect’s attention by displaying your ad high over the St. Louis metro area or beyond. Proximity is key when recruiting temporary help, and with billboards in eight states, DDI is bound to have a board near your business. Go to the Find Locations page on our website to start recruiting employees in your area.

In a tight job market, your “Help Wanted” ad needs to stand out and convince your prospects to take notice. That’s why our experienced art department will offer, advice, consultation or start-to-finish design at no additional cost. Check out our Design Gallery page to see our work across all industries.

If you currently have a program running on a digital billboard with us, contact your account executive and we can change your ad to a “Now Hiring” message with the flip of a switch. When the holidays are over, you can change the creative back to your original message or display something entirely new. This flexibility is one of many benefits of the digital billboard as a marketing tool.

Also keep in mind, our in-app mobile advertising product offers a great solution to your seasonal hiring needs. Ask your account executive how DDI Mobile can target prospects through age, education level, gender and income. Define your audience, and we will find and target them with your message.

Recruiting seasonal help can be a headache, but DDI will make the process less stressful. Whether the answer is traditional static billboards, digital displays or in-app mobile ads, we’ll help you find the right prospect just in time for the busiest weeks of the year.