Using Billboards to Locate Top Talent

Are you looking to increase your workforce?  Looking for another option besides online job sites like for quality employees? Billboards are a great, cost-effective way to showcase your company to possible job seekers by leveraging an expansive audience.  Billboards are effective in helping your company find and hire the right applicants. Get in front of a large, local pool of potential applicants with a well-placed, well-designed billboard ad. Commuters are typically heading to and from a job, so a presence on a major highway near your business is a great way to attract local prospects.  If you seek to hire locally, this is an invaluable tactic. 

Perhaps someone is thinking of a job change, but has not yet put a resume out there.  A billboard will show them you are interested in new talent before they even begin the job search.  

Find your next great employee with a DDI Billboard!

Make sure your ad is eye-catching and your contact information is easy to remember, and watch your best prospects come to you. If you’re sending people to your website, keep it simple with a URL like “” for example.  A billboard will be seen by a large audience, so you have the opportunity to fill a wide variety of positions all with one ad.  You want to drive people to your website and support your billboard with an easy to find careers page.  

Billboard advertisers enjoy the advantage of being available to everyone traveling on the roads, and not only people searching for a new job at your company.  Reach out to them with a great ad that drives potential new hires to your site.  Then make sure your careers page provides plenty of information about what it’s like to work at your company, what the benefits are, and why someone should want to work there.If you’re ready to find your next great hire, reach out to DDI Media and we will help you get the ball rolling!