Amplify with Digital

There’s a new technique that we’ve implemented into some of our most successful advertising campaigns, and we want to let you know about it. Many of our advertisers, large and small, are taking advantage of the benefits of our expansive digital outdoor presence in St. Louis in a strategic way. To put it simply, they are supplementing their traditional billboard buys with strategic digital placements across the metro area for the first few weeks of a campaign. The virtue of this strategy is two-fold.

Create a Two-Fold Strategy

First, when you complement your static billboard buy with a few savvy digital placements, you inflate the reach of your campaign. Since our digital programs can be shorter term, you can spend less, and still get your message plastered all across the metro area on our always-lit, fleet of 28 LED digital boards. This will amplify the perception of the size of your brand. You get more reach for your money. Through the technique of making small digital buys on top of your traditional static boards, you can create the sense of an impressive, tier-one marketing campaign and create a more successful advertising campaign.

Secondly, this strategy gives those advertisers working with a smaller budget, the message frequency they desire without breaking the bank. Do you want your campaign to have the feeling of a larger brand? By tacking on a few weeks of digital to your static campaign, consumers will see your message at a high frequency, at a lower rate of cost. You will get a relatively quick, but powerful burst of attention in the marketplace. They will see your message everywhere and they will act on it. People don’t respond to a message the first time they notice an ad. It takes a certain wave of psychological momentum to convince a smart consumer that he or she should spend their money on your product. By tacking on some digital, your target audience (and your competition) will notice. 

Let DDI Create a Successful Advertising Campaign for You