Another Digital Location Live!

At DDI Media, we are happy to announce that we are adding a new face to our constantly growing network of digital billboards. Your DDI account representative is still able to offer you more digital options than any other outdoor advertising company in St. Louis. Our 24thdigital face recently went up along Interstate 55 in South St. Louis County, just south of the Bayless exit. The face is a very strong right-hand read visible to commuters traveling northbound on I-55. This board will catch the attention of travelers leaving the thriving and quickly growing residential and business community of South St. Louis County, and headed north into the city. This interstate is in the top three most-traveled arteries in the St. Louis Metro area. Anheuser Busch-InBev Brewery is headquartered along I-55, roughly seven miles north of this sign. Advertise on this board, 110B, and catch the eye of thousands of commuters heading into the city to work, shop and play.

Always Working For You

 All DDI Media locations are lit for 24 hours a day, meaning your message never goes dark. Other outdoor companies shut their boards down in the middle of the night, missing thousands of travelers. With us, your message has a dwell time of :10 each, with a maximum of seven advertisers posted on each face. Contact your account representative to check availability (We anticipate space on this new board to go fast due to its optimal location in the metro area). Or, check out a map of our other digital locations by clicking here. It won’t be hard to find a board that fits your needs, since our network boasts ten of the top thirteen signs with the highest number of weekly impressions in the St. Louis area.