Backlit Boards

A backlit billboard is a type of vinyl wrap billboard that is stretched around an illuminated sign can that lights the design from behind. This makes the image stand out brightly and creates crisp, vivid images, particularly at nighttime. DDI has several great backlit billboards that are available to rent in the St. Louis area.

View Backlit Billboards
A sample of Backlit billboard advertising in St Louis, Missouri

Features and Benefits of Backlits

  • DDI Media’s backlit signs are all in prime locations, making sure that the most people will be able to get a great view of your billboard advertisement.
  • A billboard’s size makes it an effective, marketing tool. This becomes even more of a factor when the board is backlit.
  • Vinyl-wrapped or painted bulletins are low maintenance, with high returns on investment. Your message will withstand sunlight, rain, snow and wind with no worries.

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