Traditional Billboards

340b-mr-potato-head-with-extBulletins are the largest standard-sized advertising face (usually 14′ x 48′) most commonly found on expressways and primary arteries. Permanent bulletins remain at one location for the contract term; Rotary boards move from one location to the next, depending on your specific placement needs.
DDI Media offers more than 1000 outdoor advertising bulletins, with locations in 9 states.

A sample of Traditional billboard advertising in St Louis, Missouri

Features and Benefits of Bulletins


• The most common outdoor advertising option allows advertisers to build a campaign based on geographical targeting, traffic counts, or even business proximity.


• A billboard’s size makes it an effective, marketing tool. Eye-catching from a distance; BIG impact up close.


• A short statement on a large bulletin attracts attention. Add a striking visual, a directional, or website url and you’ve got a constant, traffic-driving presence.


• Add a message or visual that extends beyond the borders of a standard bulletin to attract even more attention.


• Vinyl-wrapped or painted bulletins are low maintenance, with high returns on investment. Your message will withstand sunlight, rain, snow and wind with no worries.

A sample of Traditional billboard advertising in St Louis, Missouri

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