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University of Missouri – Saint Louis is this month’s featured client

I Chose Billboards-Oct 2015 DDI-4I chose UMSL Biotech 14x48-4St. Louis’ outdoor market has seen a big boost over the past several years from an unlikely source – the University of Missouri—St. Louis and their enduring and highly effective “I Chose UMSL” advertising theme. Introduced in 2012, UMSL’s branding campaign has maintained its vitality through annual modifications, refreshing the message and the creative concept while maintaining a recognizable appearance.

“Our annual research continues to confirm that the ‘I Chose UMSL’ theme resonates well and is a major contributor to UMSL’s overwhelmingly positive brand image,” says UMSL CMO Ron Gossen. “In a modern marketing world with exacting segmentation across the options in traditional, social and digital media, the UMSL billboard campaign remains the single most effective medium to communicate our brand to the broader market of potential students, parents, alumni and supporters.

“The UMSL ‘I Chose’ theme has spawned numerous imitators across the media trying to capitalize on our success, using “I Chose,” “Choose” or some similar iteration. Others have imitated our UMSL unique selling proposition (“Serious education. Serious value.”) with similarly worded take-offs. I thank them, as imitation serves to reinforce UMSL’s creativity and positive brand.”

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