custom reporting

DDI Media Digital Solutions offers a custom reporting dashboard to deliver KPI reporting that is tailored to each client. Our dashboards update monthly but may have more frequent updates with shorter campaigns. We also have the capability to integrate other digital marketing you may be doing such as search marketing (PPC) or social media into a single report.

Our reports will show detailed information about your campaign performance. All standard reports will include spend, impressions, clicks, performance by creative and device, sites and apps that ads served on and location where ads appeared. Additional reporting tactics may be available based on campaign goals.

Sample Campaign Report




Who is Engaging With Your Website?

DDI Media Digital Solutions offers an audience identification product with TruAudience by TransUnion (TAP) that can be added to any campaign if the total traffic to your website has 3,000 unique users that engage with it.  This data will give you key information about the demographics and behaviors of your audience.


The biggest benefit of audience identification is the development of a ‘lookalike’ audience for additional targeting.  Often this can expose new audiences to target for future marketing efforts in other media as well. 

Given the ever-changing tracking environment and cookies going away, DDI was looking for a tool that was more future proof than a cookie-based audience solution. TAP has a competitive edge because it provides a people-based audience pool and leverages LiveRamp IDs to activate cookie-less audiences.

Note: This optional add-on for data collection does require that a pixel is placed in the GTM (Google Tag Manager) within your website.

Sample Audience Report