Streaming audio, like Spotify and Pandora are to radio what streaming television (CTV) is to cable: a disruptive force that offers advertisers new opportunities to reach specific audiences.

Audio content is surging, audio ad tech is maturing, and everyone is listening.  The rise of podcasts, smart speakers, and connected cars highlight how nimbly digital audio acts as a friendly companion for our routines and an integral part of our daily lives.  Audio is flexible, omnipresent, and unique in its ability to follow a user throughout their day. While watching videos or scrolling through social locks us to screens, we can listen to music or a podcast while going for a jog, riding the bus, trying to focus, or just sitting on the back patio.  Audio enhances screenless experiences and offer more moments for advertisers to intentionally connect with their audiences.

Digital audio advertising uses voices and sounds to generate emotion. It’s a personal experience that allows listeners to visualize themselves engaging with the product or  service and apply it to their lives. This format gives advertisers and  brands the ability to customize messaging, speak to unique audiences, and inspire brand engagement.  Streaming audio offers a variety of targeting including genre, geographic, demographic, behavioral, intent, device type, time parting and contextual.





More people in the US are listening to digital audio, and those who already do are spending more time listening.  In 2022, 74% of US internet users, or 222.7M people listened to digital audio. Ask us how we can help you reach these listeners.

(Source: eMarketer 01/23 )



  • Captive audience.  Streaming audio ads are non-skippable, and platforms limit the number of ads played in a row resulting in stronger audience engagement.
  • Multiple contextual audience options.  Streaming audio offers placement across a large variety of music, news, sports channels and podcasts to zero in on your target audience.
  • High quality inventory.  Audio inventory is primarily available via private marketplaces (PMPs), which tend to have higher quality inventory.



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