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DDI Media is a full-service billboard and outdoor advertising company, specializing in eye-catching, cost-effective advertising. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality displays and get you the exposure that you need to get your message noticed.

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We are based in St. Louis, and are your one-stop resource for billboard advertising throughout the Midwest. Our exceptional locations provide repeated exposure of your message to the audiences you need to reach. With more than 1,100 available billboard faces, our locations in Missouri and Illinois, along with the DDC Signs billboards we manage in Indiana, Alabama, Iowa, Mississippi, Kansas and Tennessee give advertisers excellent market coverage. You can count on DDI Media for superior outdoor locations, effective design and affordable production, backed by a truly excellent service team.

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Location-Based Advertising

Now through digital, mobile advertising we offer even more ability to target your audience. Perfect for a wide variety of businesses.

Location-based advertising integrates mobile advertising with location-based services. The technology is used to pinpoint consumers location and provide location-specific advertisements on their mobile devices. We have the accurate location data, deep knowledge of your consumer behavior and compelling creativity you need to succeed in Location-based Advertising! This marketing strategy is effective because it is personalized, it reaches your audience timely, and it is very targeted. Let us help you to get the best return on your investment with our great advertising solutions!