DDI Media offers a variety of billboard options. Out digital billboard network is the largest in the St. Louis area, delivering coverage across downtown, St. Louis County and surrounding areas. If you are intersted in a traditional, static billboard we have over 1000 sign faces in the area that might be perfect for you. If you're interested in a more dynamic advertising experience, maybe a rotating tri-action sign is right for you.

Seeing a billboard marketing campaign come together is our passion! DDI Billboard Products and Services are a cut above the rest. Not sure which of these products will work best for you? Then let our experienced staff help you through the process and take the worry out of the equation. DDI Media has the experience to create an engaging solution that helps ensure you are seen by the audience you desire.

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Digital Billboards

DDI Media has the largest number of digital billboard faces in the St. Louis. Display what you want, when you want on our eye-catching digital billboard displays, all across the St. Louis metro area. 

Static Billboards

Static billboards are the largest standard-sized advertising face most commonly found on expressways and primary arteries. With over 1,000 static billboard faces, we're sure to have one in a location that works great for you!

Tri-action Billboards

Tri-action billboards are similar to static bulletin billboards, but the display area can be set to change. The design is divided into vertical strips, which are installed onto three-sided, spinning “prisms”. These rotate every eight seconds to display another design. This allows the billboard to display up to three messages at any given time.

Amplified Messaging
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Combine your Billboard Strategy with Digital Advertising.

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Digital advertising alongside your billboard strategy is a great way to reinforce your message across multiple advertising mediums simultaneously. DDI can showcase your billboard messaging across all digital devices to establish brand trust and legitimacy. 

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