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DDI Media is a St. Louis based marketing company specializing in billboard advertising. Your advertising options include traditional static billboards, as well as state-of-the-art digital billboards, both with their own advantages.

We offer billboards across the Midwest and our digital billboard network is the largest in the St. Louis area. We have over 1,000 static billboard faces in our invevntory. These traditional signs are able to be customized by a variety of spectacular features like extensions or 3D elements, to create a more dynamic advertising experience.

Contact the DDI Media team to discuss different types of billboard advertising options. Our experienced staff helps you through the process, creating a meaningful marketing campaign. Billboard campaigns are our passion, and we're dedicated to designing engaging solutions. No matter which type of billboard you need, DDI has a solution. Not sure which billboard product will work best for your marketing needs? We can help. Learn more today.

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Billboard Products We Offer

Digital Billboards

Display what you want, when you want, with our eye-catching digital billboard displays. Digital billboards deliver bold messaging, prompt turnaround and advanced campaign customization.

Static Billboards

Static billboards are the largest standard-sized advertising face found on roadsides. Extensions and 3D elements can create captivating designs, increasing your brand awareness.

Billboard Spectaculars

We can go above and beyond the normal dimensions of a static billboard to draw even more eyes to your message. Extensions, special lighting and 3D elements are all great ways to bring your design to life!

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Boost Your Campaign With Digital

We specialize in out-of-home billboard advertising and multi-channel digital advertising. Digital and billboard campaigns each bring great results for your company on their own, and when used together they can be even more effective. Find out how to maximize your reach and reinforce your message by diversifying your advertising channels.

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