Social media and social display marketing allows your business to create direct engagement with consumers.

DDI Media Digital Solutions social display and video product expands the reach of your social media posts.  Not all consumers are on Facebook or TikTok etc.  Our social display and video product takes your posts and inserts them into ad placements on traditional news and information sites and apps.  The great thing about this option is consumers can interact with your social posts even when they are not on a social media website.  This helps to increase your audience and brand awareness utilizing social media style messaging.

Social media marketing creates an environment that encourages people to interact and create conversations about your brand.  It is the perfect place to solicit feedback about your products and services that can guide other marketing decisions.  Understanding how consumers are receiving your brand can have a big impact on your bottom line. Consumers share details about their likes and preferences openly on social media.  This translates to very effective audience targeted marketing opportunities. Social media marketing allows you to adjust in real time and interact directly with your consumers.


Social media can also be fragmented with so many options from Facebook and Instagram to TikTok and YouTube it can feel overwhelming.  The digital strategists at DDI Media can help you sort through the social media clutter to find the best social media marketing plan that works for your business.


  • Build brand awareness.  Social media helps establish brand recognition and loyalty.  
  • Expand your reach.  Get more eyes and increase your social media audience by appearing on non-social sites.
  • Highly targeting audience segments.  Target very specific audiences based on first party data social media users are sharing.
  • Increase social media engagement.  Receive more likes and comments on promoted social posts to grow your audience.  
  • Immediacy.  Social media marketing can adjust and have impact in real time.



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