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Contextual targeting focuses on content categories rather than behavioral or demographic segments.  Target audiences can be reached based on what they are looking at, not what behavioral bucket they fall into.

Contextual digital marketing refers to online marketing that targets consumers based on content, keywords, topics, and images they are consuming when web-browsing. 

Contextual targeting is all about placing your message next to content that is relevant.  This allows for more active engagement with your brand and is not reliant upon third party data and permissions that behavioral or demo targeting require. 

We have over 2,000 contextual audiences already created but can easily create custom contextual audiences upon request.  With privacy issues and concerns by some consumers about cookie tracking behavior, contextual targeting resolves this issue with cookie-less targeting based on quality content.



  • Cookie-less based targeting.  Privacy issues are not a concern with contextual targeting.
  • Content targeting.  Target keywords, articles and content topics related to your products and services or desired audiences.
  • Scale & reach.  Highly scalable including sensitive categories like healthcare and cannabis.
  • Manage brand reputation.  Ads are part of a contextual segments appearing on reputable sites minimizing risks of following behavioral targeting and appearing on less desirable sites and apps.
  • Relevancy.  Contextual targeting places your message in front of users actively engaging with content that is relevant to your products and services in real time.


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