Do You Want a Billboard on Your Property?

At DDI Media building new billboard structures in great locations is always something we are excited about! Do you own property that would make an ideal location for a billboard? Join our team of partnered landowners, and supplement your income through outdoor advertising. Contact us today!

If you have any questions, see below. Our Frequently Asked Questions section is a great place to start.

Existing Landowner Partner Resources

Click the links below for forms and documents, or if you are an existing partner and need to update your information.

Existing Landowner PARTNERS:

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my annual 1099?

The 1099 forms will be sent before January 31 each year.

Where can I download a W-9 form?

Please click here and you will be redirected to our Forms page.

How do I change the Landowner Name for the payment of land rent?

A Change of Landowner form must be completed and accompanied by all necessary documents. Please click here and you will be redirected to our Forms page.

I would like to receive my land rent through direct deposit.

An ACH Direct Deposit must be completed and accompanied by a cancelled check. Please click here and you will be redirected to our Forms page.

There is damage to the billboard structure on my property.

Please contact our Operations Manager, Bob Stoller at: or (314) 423-5040.

I have not received my land rent check. How do I check on my payment?

Please contact our Real Estate Team at: (314) 423-5040 or send an email to

My lease is expiring soon who do I talk to about a renewal?

Please contact our Real Estate Team at (314) 423-5040 or send an email to

I would like to learn about DDI Media purchasing my lease?

Please contact our Real Estate Team at (314) 423-5040 or send an email to

Another company contacted me about purchasing my lease. What is its worth?

Please contact our Real Estate Team at (314) 423-5040 or send an email to



Prospective Landowner Partners:

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my property qualify for a billboard?

In order for a billboard site to be developed the property must meet all Federal, State and Local regulations. Basic commonalities in all billboard regulations is the property must be commercially or industrially zoned or utilized, the site must comply with a minimum distance requirements from another billboard structure and meet display size and lighting requirements. Spacing, size and lighting requirements differ from state to state, municipality to municipality. If you contact us at    (314) 423-5040 or by e-mail at we will be able to determine if your property will qualify.

I want to know what rental amount DDI would pay for a billboard on my property

Every site is unique so land rent is determined by what the anticipated revenue will be generated from the billboard advertising displays. Please contact us at (314) 423-5040 or by e-mail at We will determine a probable value for a billboard on your property should the site meet all permitting qualifications.

How much time does it take to permit and build a billboard structure?

The length of time that it takes to obtain permits depends on many factors, and the timeframe can vary. The DDI Media development team is diligent in the pursuit of all neccessary permits and permissions, in order to move the project forward as efficiently as possible.

After all requirements have been completed, construction of a billboard will normally take five to ten days.

Will the billboard structure have electrical power and who is responsible for the cost?

Yes, the structure will have electrical power so it can be illuminated. Power to the structure will be separately metered and the electric cost paid by DDI Media.

Who is responsible for the Real Estate taxes a billboard may cause on my property?

DDI Media will be responsible for the Real Estate Taxes or Business License fee directly assessed to the billboard structure.

Are DDI Media and DDC Signs insured?

Yes, DDI Media has comprehensive General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance.

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