Target Your Desired Audience

Reach audiences based on the behaviors, interests and demographics for highly targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Behavioral targeting is a digital marketing technique that gathers online data from many different sources to pinpoint a consumer's online browsing, search habits, and shopping behaviors. DDI Media Digital Solutions can use this technique to create ads that align with specific consumer trackable preferences and needs. This technique can be further curtailed to even block content that a consumer would find irrelevant.

Demographic separation is a vital component to any digital marketing campaign. This involves dividing and separating your targeted market into smaller units based on demographic factors such as family status, income, education, political affiliations, employment, or hobbies to name a few.





DDI leverages data from over 40 providers to deliver audiences that are custom built for each client. Consumers desire a personalized experience which can be accomplished by using various facets of behavioral and demographic separation.



  • Brand awareness.  Increase brand awareness to desired audiences based on behaviors and interests.
  • Demo targeting.  Target very specific audiences based on age, gender, household income, or occupation.
  • Unique audience segments.  Gain access to DDI’s extensive audience database with over 45,000+ audience segments.
  • Multilayer targeting.  Segment marketing to different audiences within the same campaign.




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