No "cookies" needed to reach audiences

Native marketing ad messages appear to be part of overall content as opposed to being positioned in a traditional ad space.  These ad message appear alongside contextually relevant content that ties into key sections of news and information websites.  Native ads align with the look of the site in which they are displayed.  This gives the user the perception the ads belong there.  ​

One of the biggest things a native ad program can do for your business is drive engagement.  Sharethrough, an omnichannel supply side platform that specializes in native advertising placements, found an 18% lift in purchase intent from native ads compared to banner ads.  Customers can create highly customized content that is integrated next to contextual topics.  This increased lift in engagement is because we place your native content where it is relevant in front of people that are already exhibiting interest.

Native ads have been shown to drive more attention and brand lift than traditional display ads.  DDI Media Digital Solutions partners with trusted publishers to access native inventory that promote confidence in your brand.





  • Seamless integration.  Create a less disruptive advertising experience.
  • Non-cookie based contextual targeting.  Native content marketing does not rely on cookies to identify audiences.
  • 8.8x higher click through rate (CTR).  Native ads typically see 8.8x higher CTR that average run of site display ads.*
  • Command attention.  Reading a native headline yields 308x more consumer attention than processing an image or banner ad.*

*Source: Sharethrough





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