Static billboards, often referred to as bulletins, are the largest standard-sized advertising faces most commonly found on expressways and primary arteries. A single design is printed on a large vinyl sheet and wrapped around the billboard face by DDI Media’s skilled production team. Designs can remain constant or be replaced and changed as needed. Static billboards come in many sizes and are a traditional method of outdoor advertising.

DDI Media generally offers these in two different ways: Permanent programs remain on one location for the entire contract term. Rotary programs move from one location to the next depending on your specific placement needs. Our static billboard inventory includes over 1000 of these outdoor advertising faces across 4 states.

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Static Billboard

Features & Benefits of Static Bulletins


These are the most numerous among the billboard options we offer allowing advertisers to build a campaign based on geographical targeting, traffic counts or even business proximity.


A billboard’s size makes it an effective marketing tool. A great design can be eye-catching from a distance and deliver BIG impact up close. Most of the static billboards that we offer are 14 feet tall and 48 feet wide!


A simple message on a large billboard attracts attention. Add a striking visual, a directional or website url and you have a constant, traffic-driving presence. You don’t need a complicated concept to deliver your message because the scale of your design is what delivers extra impact.


Static billboards work great as a canvas for creative additions. You can use extensions to let your design escape the rectangular bounds of a standard design. Your message or image can extend off the top and/or the sides of your billboard. This is an eye-catching addition that can really wow your audience and maximize the impact of your design.

Extraordinary Additions

Static billboards allow creative additions beyond the previously-mentioned extensions. 3D design elements, inflatable props and dynamic lighting effects are just some of the examples of how we can customize your static billboard. If you have an idea, we can discuss how to bring it to life!

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