Streaming television is a great way to reach specific desired audiences when they are highly engaged. Consumers watching programming on connected TV apps have selected to watch a program on their time.

According to Nielsen, in July of 2022, Streaming TV viewership surpassed both broadcast and cable viewership. Streaming represented a record 34.8% share of total television consumption, while cable and broadcast came in at 34.4% and 21.6% respectively. According to Kantar, a leading data and insight company, the average streaming household is accessing 5.2 different streaming services. Streaming TV is a great way to reach local audiences.

Connected TV offers the targeting of digital advertising, with the lean-back experience of TV. When a consumer watches CTV, they are experiencing it in the same way they would watch linear TV—on a big screen, within the casual environment of their living room. A CTV ad is more immersive and relaxed than a small ad via mobile or laptop screen. CTV also provides an opportunity to reduce waste, with greater targeting opportunities— compared to traditional TV.

Looking forward, high profile streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount+, and Disney+ are introducing ad supported platforms that continue to add high quality inventory to the mix.   With so many consumers tuning in, CTV should be part of your brand’s overarching and digital video strategies.

Our CTV private marketplace allows you to target households based on traits like age, gender, income, presence of kids, and search or shopping intent.  Ask us how we can help your business develop a streaming television marketing plan.





  • Multiscreen viewing.  Reach multiple co-viewers at the same time.
  • Brand safe environment.  Engage with in-market audiences in a brand safe environment on quality programming.
  • High viewability.  Streaming television has up to 95%+ viewability on big screen, full episodic programming with limited skipping options.
  • Contextual based programming.  Reach specific audiences based on programming that aligns with your desired audience, products or services.
  • Private marketplace premium inventory.  Select highly desired placements within our private marketplace on top tier programming.
  • Less clutter, more memorable ads.  Ad pods are shorter than live TV, leading to fewer commercials airing and more memorable ads.



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