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DDI Media is a digital billboard company, specializing in campaign strategy, design, and production. Digital billboards allow you to display what you want when you want. The impact of your message maximizes, and your audience receives up-to-date information.

We have the largest number of digital billboard faces in St. Louis, but our reach expands far beyond. With hundreds more billboard faces throughout Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, your message will be seen. Learn more about our services below and contact the DDI Media team.

Digital Billboard Technology

Traditional billboards provide great advertising opportunity, but digital billboards are one step ahead. Digital billboard technology allows your message to enhance on greater levels.

These signs can display many designs and integrate RSS feeds for real-time updates. With digital billboards, we can customize your advertising routine to meet your specific needs.

Learn more about our digital billboard technology below.


Custom Scheduling

Custom Scheduling

With custom scheduling, we can set certain ads to run on specific days of the week or even certain times of the day. Using both of these criteria further enhance the relevancy of your message.

Example: A restaurant can promote breakfast deals in the morning, dinner deals in the evening and 24 hours service overnight.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Electronic billboards allow you to include real-time elements in your design. You can display the current time, temperature or even a timer counting down to an event or the end of a sale.

Example: A heating and cooling company might want to display the current temperature when promoting a furnace or air conditioner.

Integrated RSS Data

Integrated RSS Data

Our digital signs have RSS feed capabilities, allowing for real-time information to display about your brand. We connect your RSS feed to our signs and deliver your relevant and timely message. Our technology is capable of working with any RSS feed that you provide.

Example: A radio station could display the current song playing, and what’s coming up next. A doctor’s office could display current expected wait times.

What Sets DDI Media’s Digital Billboards Apart?

When you partner with DDI Media, you're partnering with a billboard company with years of industry experience. Our expert team works with you to send the most relevant messaging to your audience.

With digital billboards, we can fully customize your advertising routine to meet your specific needs. Learn more about the advantages of working with our team.

Greater Run Time

Many national billboard operators only offer 1,080 commercial spots daily. DDI Media offers our advertisers 1,200 ten second ads per day, so you can build frequency with your target audience.

We give you more spots and greater run time for more impact. Broadcast your message across multiple spots, or show multiple ads during the rotation.

Total Market Coverage

DDI Media has the largest digital billboard network in the St. Louis area. Extending beyond St. Louis, we also have some of largest networks throughout the Midwest. We can deliver your message throughout Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and even Tennessee.

Stand out from your competition by displaying your advertisement on the DDI Media digital network. Whether you decide to advertise on one sign or across an entire market, your message is getting to your audience.

High Quality Locations

Not only does DDI Media have total market coverage, we also have the best locations within the market. We focus on high impression locations as the core of our digital billboard network.

Each of our units are strategically located throughout the market so you can precisely target your audience. We work with you to find the best location so you can deliver your message with a broad reach.

How Much Does Digital Billboard Advertising Cost?

The cost of a digital billboard advertising campaign depends on many factors. The size, style, and design of the billboard, as well as the duration and length of the campaign, all play a role. Digital billboards can be very cost-efficient because it allows many messages to display on a rotation.

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