DDI Media is a St. Louis based full-service billboard (outdoor advertising) and digital advertising company specializing in eye-catching, cost-effective advertising.  The goal for our customers is to provide high-quality displays and/or mobile campaigns to get our customers the exposure they need to get their message noticed. DDI Media offers both local businesses and national brands the ability to stand out from their competition. Our highly desirable billboard locations combined with our mobile technological capabilities provide our customers with the repeated exposure necessary to reach their targeted audiences.

DDI has over 1,400 billboard faces it either owns or manages in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, and Tennessee marketplaces which give our customers excellent market coverage.  Our customers can count on superior outdoor locations, effective design, and affordable production, backed by an excellent service team.   



DDI Media's Reach

DDI Media has over one thousand billboards across the Midwest. We specialize in placing your advertisement in a location that will extend your message.  Let's connect.  


Digital Billboards


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Static Faces


DDI Media is proud to work with some of the top companies, brands, and people, both locally and nationally. Through our coverage across the state of Missouri, we are able to connect our clients’ messages to a massive audience, 24/7. As a leader in billboards & OOH displays, DDI Media is ready to develop a strategy to deliver your message across our great state.

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