DDI Media has a collection of billboards on several major highways surrounding the metro Terre Haute area. The city of Terre Haute is one of Indiana’s largest cities which is situated along the Wabash River, located near the state’s western border with Illinois.

Terre Haute is at the intersection of several major highways. We have seven billboards located along the Interstate 70 corridor. Interstate 70 runs from Baltimore, Maryland thru to Cove Fort, Utah, bringing droves of cross-country travelers thru the Terre Haute area. 

DDI also has four billboard faces located just north of Terre Haute, catching those travelers heading to Chicago, and six more billboard faces located south of the city on US 41. US 41 is a 282 mile stretch of Indiana roadway that runs parallel to the Illinois state line from Evansville, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois.

Any of these billboards could be pivotal to your marketing campaign. Call us now to see how we can help your business.