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Private marketplaces (PMPs) and whitelists allow an advertiser to access exclusive inventory or create custom site/app lists to target for future campaigns.

A private marketplace (PMP) is a customized, invite-only real time bidding marketplace where publishers make their inventory and first party audience data available to a select group of buyers. DDI Digital Solutions has a robust network of PMP deals for our clients to access.  These deals do not rely on cookie data to deliver results and often have ad placement opportunities not always visible in the standard programmatic exchanges.  We have access to 1,000 of these private deals that your business can choose.  We can even reach out directly to certain partners like Pandora or Hulu to find exclusive contextual based PMP inventory.

 A whitelist (WL) is a catered list of websites and apps chosen by you.  You can develop a whitelist by having a campaign that runs over a long period of time and gradually remove non-performing sites that your ads appear on to fine tune a whitelist.  The other way a whitelist can be developed is to create one from sites and apps listed in the private marketplace.  You can select specific higher-profile sites that you want your brand to be associated with.  Whitelists do need to have at least 100+ high traffic sites or apps in order to be effective.



  • Premium Inventory.  Get access to premium inventory on sites and apps that is not always available in a regular programmatic exchange environment.
  • First-party data & transparency.  PMP’s can utilize first-party data and the right of first refusal over ad impressions giving you access to high quality placements based on trustworthy reliable information.
  • Brand safety. PMP’s are reviewed to make sure your ad placements are on quality brand safe sites and apps.
  • Cookieless. We offer over 2,000 contextual based private marketplace segments that are not reliant upon cookies across all platforms: desktop, mobile, tablet, streaming audio and streaming television.
  • Customization.  Have control on which sites and apps your ads will appear with custom whitelists.



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