Combining Billboard & Digital

What is OOH?

"OOH" stands for "Out-of-Home", but is frequently referred to as "outdoor advertising" or "out-of-home media advertising".  Essentially, OOH advertising is advertising experienced outside of the home.  This includes billboards, posters, placed-based media such as those found on or in brick-and-mortar type venues, and everything in between.  If you are outside of your home and see an advertisement (and it is not on your smartphone), you are more than likely looking at an OOH ad. 


Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising consists of digital ads that appear on devices containing wireless connections, most notably smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and even streamed television. Companies can place their ads across websites, mobile games, or downloaded Apps.



An Emarketer study from 2019 shows users spent more time on their mobile devices than watching TV, using tablets, laptops, or desktop set-ups.  The findings showed users spent an average of 3.43 hours per day or approximately 35 days a year on their smartphones. With the unprecedented circumstances of 2020, a new Emarketer study revealed time spent using a mobile device definitely increased per day use. It is predicted that this usage will continue to increase incrementally.  Furthermore, it is noteworthy that approximately 90% of time spent on a  smartphone, is time spent utilizing an App.  According to App Annie, monthly time spent in mobile apps grew 40% in Q2 2020.  At this rate, in-app advertising could rise to $201 billion by 2021.



DDI Connect

Combining the Benefits

DDI Media currently offers an innovative product called "DDI Connect".  DDI Connect is the convergence of the two formats, OOH, and digital (mobile) advertising into one strategic campaign tool that fortifies your message. This enhanced strategy serves mobile advertising ads to users' mobile devices when they are in the vicinity of an OOH message. Essentially, OOH is the best forerunner for mobile engagement.  It is commonly known that over 70% of a person's life happens outside the confines of their home.  Around 98% of the time your mobile device is within arm's reach. With access being only a "touch" away at any given time, several studies have found that over 48% of users are more likely to interact or react to a digital ad after first being exposed to an OOH ad. This provides a new channel of exposure that becomes a strategy that is greater than the sum of its parts – the compounding effect.  

In the Nielson Out of Home Advertising Study of 2019, it was concluded that more than 66% of those smartphone users took some type of action online after seeing an OOH ad.  In 2020, that number has risen over 10%! 

Utilizing DDI Connect, we can help you drive people in the real world online.  According to an OOH Online Activation survey, nearly 46% of users used a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo to look up additional information after being exposed to an OOH ad.  Around 38% visited Facebook, 23% posted on Twitter, and 25% posted on Instagram.

A Facebook study conducted in 2019, has shown that combing OOH advertising with digital (mobile) advertising exhibits a 13% increase of impact of ads and exacerbated the likelihood of a sale.  A subsequent Neilson survey provides further support for this data.


Your Campaign and DDI Connect

When you choose DDI Connect thru DDI Media, you not only become a customer; you become a partner. When you partner with us, we will help you focus on art, context, audience, movement, locations, touchpoints, repeat exposure, and paradigm shifts. We will help you power your message directly along the digital highway to a purchase. It is an excellent coherent economic approach to include DDI Connect in your campaign.  Grabbing a consumer's attention in the real world with an OOH ad and then enforcing your message with a digital ad becomes a powerful amplification that can produce greater results. Your message could have over  300% greater reach! That metric is compelling! Integration is key and is the savviest approach to your marketing.  Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

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