Deliver a geographically relevant message to your target audience.  Catch mobile users in-app or in-web at an event, target devices at a competitor or match device IPs to email or address lists.

DDI Digital Solutions has technology that can send digital messaging to specific devices based on location.  Geo-fencing allows us to identify the lat/long of a specific location and target devices seen within a specific radius of that location. This technology can extend to events as well.  We can look back at devices seen in the past or during an event and deliver your digital messaging to those devices.  Conquesting devices seen at a competitor to increase your market share is another effective way to utilize our technology.  

We can maximize results on your direct mail and email marketing campaigns by matching device IDs to email and street addresses.  Following up email and direct mail programs with a digital marketing campaign that allows intended recipients to take direct action leads to stronger ROI.

We have multiple partnerships with leading data providers that allow us to utilize device targeting to reach very specific locations.  Schedule a discussion with one of our digital strategist to identify how our geo-fencing, hyperlocal radius and conquesting products can deliver new customers to your business.




  • Target competitors.  Conquest devices seen at competitor locations.
  • Target locations.  Target specific locations within 3ft of accuracy.
  • Target events.  In-event and post-event targeting.  Reach devices of attendees at previous or upcoming events, conferences, conventions, or shows.
  • Target email lists.  Send digital messages to people on your email or mailing lists.  Improve the ROI on email or direct mail marketing by sending digital ad messages to the devices associated with those emails or addresses.

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