Billboard and Outdoor Advertising: The Power of OOH


Advertising is any company’s best tool to create brand awareness. It is the perfect means to get the public’s attention and let them know what you can offer. However, advertising is a word that often intimidates small business owners who relate it to huge budgets spent on TV and radio adverts. The truth is that your budget does not have to be endless to get the impact you expect. Out Of Home −OOH− or outdoor advertising, has always been one of the most effective marketing tools and it is easily accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Why Choose OOH Advertising

Even at a time when digital media has taken the world by storm, outdoor advertising has kept its place as one of the most effective platforms to get your message across. The reasons are simple: a billboard cannot be skipped or turned off and it quickly grabs consumers’ attention when they are most likely to make a purchase. For example, a driver who wishes to get something to eat is far more likely to be influenced by a billboard showing him the nearest restaurant than the expensive ad he saw on TV the previous night.

Running a Successful Billboard Campaign

One of the most valuable features of OOH is that it demands creativity. Consumers are exposed to advertising multiple times a day so they need a message that they can find engaging. Your message needs to be clear and striking to instantly grab their attention and make them think about your brand. The most successful campaigns get to the point and do not saturate the public with information. You only have a few seconds to impress so you better make the most out of them.

Of course the most amazing ideas are useless if there is no one to see them. This is where the other key factor in outdoor advertising comes into play: location. Your billboard needs to be placed in an area that can deliver great exposure throughout the day. DDI Media has an extensive catalogue of billboard locations in the St. Louis metro area and across eight states in the Midwest. Talk to us about your needs, together we can create something unique.