OOH Advertising: Riding Out the Social Media Storm


Social media is here to stay, and while it was taking the world by storm, it made some people believe that Out of Home advertising would eventually become irrelevant. Although social media platforms have, in fact, changed the way companies interact with the public, OOH advertising still holds a prominent position in the industry.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, many corporations, such as McDonalds or Apple, continue to use billboards as part of their continuous advertising campaigns. Even social platforms themselves, including Foursquare and Snapchat, know that a billboard has the power of persuading the public to use or download their apps while they are on the go.

That is exactly what the power of OOH advertising is: it cannot be skipped or turned off. This, however, does not mean that marketing companies can rest on their laurels. The location of the billboards plays a big role on how many people can be reached but the campaign can only be successful if the public is interested in the message.

OOH advertising is an excellent opportunity to build excitement and involve social media platforms into your campaign. One of the best features of social media for businesses is that it allows you to start conversations with the audience. Customers now perceive companies as more approachable and that characteristic can be exploited with billboards.

Billboards are the perfect way to exploit your creativity and interact with potential customers. Digital boards allow you to strategically target a certain demographic or you can include codes that can be scanned with smartphones. Your audience would then be redirected to a website where they can find out more about your company or any special offers you may have. As technology continues to evolve, it is up to each industry to find ways to embrace it and enrich what has already been achieved. OOH advertising has done just that and we continue to grow.