How Out of Home Advertising Can Inspire Taking Action

In this country, we can be passionate about several things. We want everyone to know when we support our football team or when we are proud of the many achievements of talented Americans around the world. Whilst we can all agree to disagree on many subjects, when it comes to politics, things can get heated. The political climate in our country has become divisive but there is something that we all want: to have our voices heard.

Regardless of our political affiliations or the causes we support, our right to vote is a fundamental part of living in this country. Americans can vote regardless of their race, gender or religion. Amending the constitution to uphold this right was only possible thanks to the hard work of many great people. They have done their bit and it is now time for us to do ours.

It is clear that Out of Home advertising can be extremely powerful, so why not use to help our country? Political parties know that this is an efficient way to promote their candidates and their proposals but voter apathy is the biggest obstacle to overcome. In the 2012 presidential elections, 65% of the voting-age population registered to vote but only 84.3% of those voted. OOH advertising can make a huge difference and significantly increase those numbers on the days leading up to election. Campaigns to encourage people to register and vote remind us that we all have the chance to have our say.

OOH advertising can do a lot more than that. Digital billboards can be an essential tool during early voting and on the big day. They can easily remind the public about the opening and closing times of their local polling stations. Digital Out of Home advertising can even be a great way to deliver preliminary results on election night. Most importantly, it can serve as a reminder that, no matter which candidate wins, we are all rooting for our country.