How DDI Mobile’s Mobile Integration Can Target Local Cellphone Users

With the advent of smartphones and mobile devices, there was an almost-overnight change in advertising. Now that phones rarely leave the general consumer’s side and are in regular use by most people, it marks the arrival in a new way to get exposure!

We are offering the chance to advertise locally via OOH mobile integration. With DDI Media, you will be able to connect your business with phone users and give them a way to interact immediately.

DDI Media can offer something new in the OOH advertising space that many other advertisers are unable to do. We use a Demand-Side Platform that allows us to buy ad space from many different ad exchanges or ad publishers so that we can target a larger audience. We can tailor these advertisements to reach only the target audience that our client wishes to aim for using factors such as sex, age, and device type. To focus on a local market, only users in locations that are valuable to the client’s business will be contacted. We can send advertisements at times that encourage the public to act and contact or visit your business.

The audience will be able to interact with the advertisement and find out more information regarding offers or business contact details. Additionally, we have technologies that enable us to verify the location in which the user experienced the advertisement. We also have software to detect fraudulent views so that we can be certain that all impressions are directed at the right people.

In addition to finding potential viewers for our clients, we can also offer information regarding users that were targeted. If someone was exposed to an OOH mobile advertisement and visited the business location, as a team, we can tweak future advertisements to meet similar criteria. OOH mobile integration is becoming a game changer in the industry.

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