Hope Springs Eternal

February is all about hope. We’re on the final leg of winter. The days are getting longer, the Cardinals are stretching their arms, and love is in the air. Your audience will have their eye on brighter days and —after you make a short call to DDI— your branded message.

If you’ve ever bungled a Valentine’s Day, you know how it feels to miss a big opportunity. The heartbreak, the embarrassment. It’s an experience not easily forgotten. This February—show your audience you care. Don’t miss your chance to couple your out-of-home billboard buy with hyper-targeted ads to phones. They make a great pair.

Your big broad-shouldered billboard will look handsome when paired with the sleek, elegant geo-targeted mobile ad. The fascinating thing about this technology is how precise marketers can get with where, when, and to whom they send their ads.

When we geofence your billboard, we “capture” the phones that pass by it and store them for later. You can then choose to retarget those customers ten, twenty, one-hundred times with a message that complements your billboard. You can choose to send these display ads to only women, only men, only women who are high-level executives, only men with two or more children. Whatever makes the most sense for your brand, and your campaign.

These static or moving display banners appear within news, gaming, or weather content your audience is already consuming. All they have to do is open their favorite app and/or web browser, and there’s your message. We’d encourage any business or organization to use this tool to share specific promotions or general branding.

This February, give your audience a forward-looking message that fills them with hope and aspirations. Then, tell them how your business can get them there. We’ll do what we can to help. Call your rep today.

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