Mobile Targeting

For decades, DDI has been the premier outdoor option for world-class brands looking to advertise in the Saint Louis market. DDI billboards, along all major arteries of our city, offer marketing solutions to companies trying to reach these critical motorists. But, we know our billboards aren’t everywhere. Even with our fleet of hundreds of faces including twenty-eight digital boards, there are important pockets of the market that we just can’t reach. Due to regulations and a risk of over saturation, we are limited to where we can offer advertising space. But, three years ago we found the answer to this problem. Targeting motorists on their cellphones through our proprietary location-based mobile advertising technology is the solution.

Our platform is constantly acquiring location data from smartphones, even when they are traveling down the highway. If you have a need to target a select demographic or designated market area, and your DDI representative can’t offer billboard space in that neighborhood, mobile advertising is the direction you should take your campaign. This change of medium allows unlimited possibilities to our advertising clients in terms of location. Virtually, every corner of the country, and most of Europe is within our reach.

Also, with mobile advertising, you can be more precise with your location targeting. We can draw distinct polygons around the geographical area your audience lives, works or travels in. The device user does not have to be actively using their smartphone to be captured by our platform. Many apps in our 200,000-app catalog, collect this usable location data while on in the background of the user’s smartphone, i.e., while they’re driving. We register that the phone was in the area, and later target that device user while they are safely off the road. We can even decide where that secondary location is, whether it be at home, work, the gym or at your competitor’s location.

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