New Digital Billboard in O'Fallon

Your company can stand out from the competition on the brand-new digital billboard on Highway K in O’Fallon.

There is only one billboard on Highway K in St. Charles County. It is located just north of QuikTrip at Fallon Road on the east side of K (less than 1 mile north of Highway 364).  With two faces, one for north-bound traffic and one for south-bound, you can direct consumers to your business. This month, we will convert them both to high-definition LED screens. 

The commercial and residential development in this region has been unprecedented over the last two decades. And it isn’t slowing down. Countless restaurants, services, grocery stores, shopping centers, and residential neighborhoods keep Highway K busy with commuters day and night. More than 45,000 consumers travel past this billboard every day. 

The extension of MO-364 has made this area even more active.

If you’re familiar with this essential thruway in St. Charles County, you know the potential of this location. And if you’re familiar with the benefits of digital billboards, you’re probably calling your DDI rep right now. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of digital, let’s fill you in:

•    Digital is flexible. Digital allows you to run multiple messages for the same audience, allowing you to build your brand’s story.

•    Digital is dazzling. The changing messages capture travelers’ attention in a way that other mediums just can’t.

•    Digital is timely. Messages can be uploaded fast and adjusted immediately to meet your changing business needs.

With the addition of these two screens, the largest network of digital billboards in the St. Louis area continues to grow. This time, in one of the most affluent regions.

The DDI Digital network now includes thirty key locations! 

If this location isn’t right for your brand, check out our full map of locations. We guarantee the audience you’re looking for is in our coverage.

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