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Design Guidelines

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When designing a billboard, keep three words in mind: immediate visual impact. This applies to the overall design, the art, and, of course, the copy. If you would like to preview how viewers will see your design, shrink it down to around 6″ wide on your screen and take a couple steps back.
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The less said, the better. A few well-chosen words are all it takes to get that concept noticed – and remembered. A jumble of sentences are hard to read and quickly forgotten.
Fonts with a mixture of thick/thin lines, fat fonts, and ultra-thin ones are all more difficult to read. A simple sans-serif typeface has proven to be the easiest to read.
Messages in all capital letters are more difficult to read.
High contrast is very important. Dark background with light text, or vice-versa, is your best bet. Subtlety will get lost.
Viewers are seeing your design from a distance while driving at a high rate of speed. Grab their attention quickly and get your message across directly.

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