How Much Does a Billboard Cost?

One of the most frequent questions billboard companies get is: "How much does a billboard cost?"

Billboard advertising rates can have a wide range due to the large number of factors that determine the total cost of a billboard campaign.

At DDI Media, we provide prospective advertisers all the information they desire about what goes into the price of their chosen billboard locations. To get an accurate quote on your custom billboard campaign, it is best to contact us directly by phone or by filling out our online form.


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Billboard Costs

Billboard Pricing Factors to Consider

Billboard rental rates vary because no two billboards are alike. There are several unique styles and sizes of displays. Billboard costs are typically determined by their geographic location, out-of-home (OOH) rating and billboard format (size, billboard type, etc.).

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Location of Your Billboard and Out of Home Rating

A common marketing mantra is "location, location, location!" This is especially true in billboard advertising. The OOH (Out of Home) rating for a billboard is influenced by several factors that relate to the location.

  • The overall number of people that regularly pass the billboard is a major factor of a billboard’s cost. A larger viewing audience translates to increased value.

  • Specific details about the audience that views each billboard can also be important. Because of this, demographic data, such as age, gender and income level are also factors that may affect the rate.
  • Many times, billboards located in rural areas are more affordable than billboards near major metropolitan areas. This can often be attributed to the density of nearby business markets and residential communities.

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Billboard Campaign Duration

Typically, most billboard campaigns run for at least three months. We can meet specific needs with campaigns that run any duration, from one day, up to multiple years. There are often pricing incentives to running longer campaigns. It is common for advertisers to pay a lower rate per period when the duration of the campaign is longer.

Type of Billboard (Digital vs. Static)

There are two primary types of billboards - digital billboards and static billboards.

Both styles have their own benefits and different brands may perform better with one type versus the other. The right choice for your brand is dependent on your advertising goals. If you are unsure what type of campaign is best for you, DDI Media can help determine which type of product best meets your advertising needs.

Billboard Extensions

Advertisers can go beyond the square footage of a traditional, static billboard by adding extensions. Extensions are elements of your design that extend out from the normal sign area and can be customized in a multitude of ways. Extensions can be multi-dimensional and include custom finishes or even light-up elements (provided that they adhere to local restrictions and guidelines). Imaginative extensions can really make your design come to life.

Extensions most often incur an additional charge but can help grab attention and make an immediate impression with your target audience.

Digital Billboards

Display what you want, when you want, with our eye-catching digital billboard displays. Digital billboards deliver bold messaging, prompt turnaround and advanced campaign customization.

Static Billboards

Static billboards are the largest standard-sized advertising face found on roadsides. Extensions and 3D elements can create captivating designs, increasing your brand awareness.

Tri-Action Billboards

Tri-action billboards are like static bulletin billboards but can flip between designs. These rotate every eight seconds, allowing up to three messages to display at any given time.

Billboards Are a Cost-Effective Way to Advertise

Billboards remain one of the most effective marketing channels available. They can provide significant benefits to both small businesses and large brands.

To learn about how effective a billboard advertising campaign can be, visit the Out of Home Advertising Association of America website:

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