object(BBLocationData)#7337 (1) {
  array(18) {
    string(3) "380"
    string(4) "1247"
    string(5) "0090A"
    string(2) "RH"
    string(8) "30578649"
    string(6) "291.00"
    string(5) "50.00"
    string(4) "West"
    string(9) "38.696484"
    string(10) "-90.413132"
    string(8) "Bulletin"
    string(7) "14 x 48"
    string(1) "0"
    string(1) "0"
    string(1) "2"
    string(1) "1"
    string(71) "https://www.ddimedia.net/wp-content/plugins/bb-locations1/img/0090A.jpg"
    array(2) {
      string(5) "0090B"
      string(92) "https://www.ddimedia.net/billboards/page-avenue-0-4-mi-eo-west-point-centerball-drive-ss-lh/"

DDI Outdoor Advertising Board Locations – West County

West County: Board #0090A

XDDI Media is eager to help your audience grow! You might not know exactly what billboards will work best, but we are experts at picking the right locations for our clients. To get started, simply browse our inventory, and as you find locations you think might work for you, hit the "Add To Wishlist" button and our site will keep track of the boards you like. When you have your locations picked out, simply head to the Wishlist tab on the left side of your screen. There you can review your choices, and when your ready send them off to a DDI professional who will get back with you about your needs.

This board has a long open read for eastbound traffic approaching Lindbergh. Nearby businesses include Carol House Furniture, Schnucks' Markets corporate offices and Grey Eagle Distributing.
Billboard Location
Page Avenue 0.4 mi E/O West Point Center/Ball Drive SS RH
Board Facing – West
Tab ID# – 30578649
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  • Digital
  • Tri-Vision
  • Bulletin