Geoconquesting is a strategic form of geo-targeting that is used to target potential consumers while they are at or in the vicinity of your competition. This tactic is used as a way of attracting customers away from your competitors by sending location-based ads. The idea behind this practice is that a consumer who is already shopping (or has been shopping) at your competitor's location is already in the market for your product or service.  You can serve a compelling ad based on location data and have a greater chance of attracting that business.

Example:  You are an owner of a coffee shop. DDI Media is able to target consumers that have made or intend to make purchases at competing coffee shop in the geographic vicinity of your shop. Your digital ads or promotions can be sent to these targeted consumers' devices in an attempt to attract them away from your competition and buy your product instead.

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Combine Your Digital and Outdoor Advertising

Using digital advertising alongside your traditional billboard strategy is a great way to reinforce your message and increases your exposure. DDI Media showcases your billboard messaging across all digital devices to establish brand trust.

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