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Connected TV and Over the Top Devices

Every day fewer consumers watch TV through cable and satellite providers. Smart TVs are accelerating this trend. A smart TV (also known as "Connected TV") is a television that is connected to the consumer's internet that facilitates streaming digital content. This is a whole new demographic that is digitally connected and are able to receive your message. 


There are three types of TV viewer that this type of digital video marketing tends to target.

#1 - Cord Stackers, normally those who are 40 and older who subscribe and watch traditional cable services and at least one or more on-demand streaming service.
#2 - Cord Cutters, the thirty-somethings that have one or more streaming, on-demand service subscriptions on either their smart TV, mobile or Over the Top (OTT) device.  An OTT device is essentially any tech device that enables internet-powered content delivery, such a cell phone, tablet or laptop.

#3 - Cord Nevers, are those who are of the generation that has never nor will ever subscribed to traditional cable or satellite TV and only have consumed TV content through an OTT device.


Digital TV with DDI

Most consumer types are accessing their TV content through smart TVs, OTT devices, gaming consoles or streaming players.  Ad placements on one or more of these devices are typically sold more like a digital video. You can focus some or all of your marketing efforts to include these unconventional viewers with DDI Media's help.

Digital Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Media Strategy – whatever your needs are – we can help.  DDI Media can provide cutting edge technology and decisive marketing strategies to get your brand noticed.  DDI Media can create market place solutions to connect customers with advertisers. We leverage our full-service, fully-customizable, innovative digital technologies to deploy advertising campaigns that are right for your brand and company. With a dedicated team of experts, DDI Media would like to be your partner, not just your media company.  Let us help you to increase your marketing power, drive sales, and take your brand or business to the next level.  Contact us now and let us see what we can do for you!