DDI Media is a family-owned billboard and digital media advertising company based in the Greater St. Louis, MO metropolitan area. In Jefferson County, DDI Media operates 133 billboard advertising faces.

The northern border of Jefferson County closely follows the Meramec River, while the eastern border follows the Mississippi River. Jefferson County is surrounded by St. Louis County to the north and Franklin County to the west. Saint Genevieve County, St. Francois County, and Washington County border Jefferson County to the southeast, south, and southwest, respectively.

Jefferson County's major thoroughfare is Interstate 55, which runs north and south from Chicago, Illinois, to the Gulf of Mexico. DDI Media has billboard inventory along I-55 and other major routes including Highway 141, Highway 30, and Highway 61/67.

DDI Media’s Billboard Products

DDI Media offers advertisers options in billboard advertising. We have a substantial selection of traditional static billboard faces located within Jefferson County in addition to strategically placed digital billboard locations throughout the greater St. Louis metro area.

Our digital billboards offer incredible flexibility with how and when you show your messages. Our static billboards excel in delivering a clear and constant message over the course of your campaign.

Spectacular additions can also be utilized on most static billboard designs. These additions draw viewers’ eyes with lights, 3-D objects, and extensions that surpass the normal borders of the sign.

No matter which type of billboard fits your needs best, DDI offers all our advertiser’s complimentary design service as part of any billboard program.


Businesses & Attractions in Jefferson County

Jefferson County is home to many regional and national employers, educational and medical facilities, and several state parks.


  • Capital Region Medical Center
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • Scholastic, Inc.
  • Quaker Windows & Doors
  • Central Bancompany
  • SSM Healthcare
  • Unilever


  • Mastodon State Park – Imperial
  • Washington State Park – DeSoto
  • Sandy Creek Bridge State Historic Site – Hillsboro
  • Historic Kimmswick – Kimmswick
  • Federated Auto Parts Raceway - Pevely

Educational Facilities:

  • Jefferson College
  • Numerous other private and public-school elementary and secondary school districts.

Medical Facilities

  • Mercy Hospital
  • Jefferson Memorial Hospital


Residential Life in Jefferson County

Jefferson County has a population of over 227,000, and a total employment of over 40,000 people. Most Jefferson County residents commute to work, whether inside the county or to nearby areas like St. Louis County. This results in an average daily commute of over 31 minutes, making Jefferson County a great area for your outdoor advertising campaign.


Combining Billboards with Digital Advertising

In addition to billboard advertising, DDI Media offers a diverse selection of digital marketing services. DDI Media Digital Solutions can target your desired audience across multiple devices: mobile, tablet, desktop, streaming audio, and connected televisions.

Billboard and digital marketing campaigns can bring impressive results on their own. However, when used together, they can maximize reach and deliver an even stronger performance.

We have developed campaigns for local, statewide, and national companies looking for brand awareness and reach. DDI Media has a proven history of delivering quality results. Something that separates us is our ability to combine our extensive billboard inventory with a Digital Solutions marketing strategy. This will ensure that you reach your target audience and exceed expectations.


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